I want to save money -- where do I start?

There are plenty of things in life that conspire to swallow our wallet and leave us with precious little left to enjoy from our money. That's right: its OUR money to spend, not theirs to just take! We have control -- lets leverage it!

This site isn't just for peoplewho are in
financial difficulty with debts and so on -- its for everyone,  who thinks that every day life is simply too expensive!
Let's share hints, links and tips for cutting the cost of mundane stuff like: credit cards, cell phones, home heating, computer software costs, insurances, and much,more!

Spend some time here on the website to explore cost-cutting links, hints, tips and ideas. I'll help you to at least think about shaving those costs down - leaving more money to spend, save or be as disposable income!

It's sometimes difficult to keep living costs to a minimum -- sometimes it seems that just paying for the basics of the modern lifestyle gobbles up all income. In the cost-cutting articles, guides and tips that are presented: these tips can help, one by one, to cut  the costs so there simply is more money in the pocket!
I want to save money advice guide: 'Helping You to Save Money In Everyday Life' -- The basics

Looking at it logically

Warning: once you've told yourself, "I want to save money", and you begin to find ways of cutting costs, you'll find its addictive!

Earning more, during a recession, is a tough call -- especially, but not limited to those that have
a 'tradtional' employment; its likely that any attempt to ask for a raise might be met with the
standard response. "We really value your work, but during these tough times, we actually
want more work from you for the same money -- we all have to pull together" -- or some
similar corporate speak.

Still it was worth asking, wasn't it?

So we come to another option -- my preferred option. Let's assume we can't earn any more. But
I wager you can spend less. If you save money on the 'necessities' of home life, this will logically
free up some cash for the things in life you enjoy.

I'll start with the big money saving tips first, and, as you expliore my site, I will also touch on
secondary and tertiary ways of keeping your money in your pocket!. The biggest money-saving tips I can give you revolve around mortgages, making sure, if you have credit, you are not paying
too much for it, and generally encouraging you to shop around for the best deals on insurance,
as well as ensuring, if you use credit cards, you are getting the best possible deal.

Let's start with a look at 0% credit cards -- is this the first option to take to save money?
i want to save money
OK, so let's look at the most effective ways of managing your personal finances right now. You can choose the area of interest from our sidebar on the left, or continue reading as I highlight what have been the most effective methods for managing zero percent living in the home for me -- and I'm hoping for you, too!

Where possible, I'll give anecdotal evidence of how I, members of my family, or people I know have saved considerble amounts of money on things like: household (home) insurance, pet insurance, credit card loans (this is a big one -- see my articles later about this, it can literally save you thousands if you do it right!), auto (car) insurance, cheap electricity. Zero percent spending cost increases is the goal -- lets shoot for it, even though it may not be entirely possible (but you can save lots!)
Are you sure you are paying no more than you need to on the mundane things each month? Like:
  • Credit Card Debt. Are you paying more than you need to. Do you have the right type of credit card for your needs?
  • Insurances. Shopping around for the absolute best insurance deals can cut hundreds off your annual spend!
  • Saving energy. Do you drive a gas-guzzler? Do you have inefficent central heating? Do you turn stuff off when you are not using it?
  • Utility bills. In most regions, you can shop around. In some cases, you might be up to 250 a year better off!
  • Solar energy. Are you utliizing solar to its full potential? Not only can you heat water directly  with solar these days, the panels are getting more and more efficient at creating electricity! In some regions, government initiatives mean that you can even recieve money for the electricity you generate even if you use it yourself!
  • Getting a good interest rate for your savings account, If you have savings, you need to balance the needs of being able to access your savings easily (allowing for times of crisis), whilst still getting a decent savings interest rate. Make your savings work for you!
There's loads of ways of cutting costs! Are you doing these things?
Want more? See also: ways to save
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