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Ways to Save Money
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Costingless as featured on online radio. Welcome! You came here to save money? You are in the right place!

Cutting the cost of living: are you doing these things?
  • Are you sure you are paying no more than you need to on the mundane things each month? Like:
  • Credit Card Debt. Are you paying more than you need to. Do you have the right type of credit card for your needs?
  • Insurances. Shopping around for the absolute best insurance deals can cut hundreds off your annual spend!
  • Saving energy. Do you drive a gas-guzzler? Do you have inefficent central heating? Do you turn stuff off when you are not using it?
  • Utility bills. In most regions, you can shop around. In some cases, you might be up to 250 a year better off!
  • Solar energy. Are you utliizing solar to its full potential? Not only can you heat water directly  with solar these days, the panels are getting more and more efficient at creating electricity! In some regions, government initiatives mean that you can even recieve money for the electricity you generate even if you use it yourself!
  • Getting a good interest rate for your savings account, If you have savings, you need to balance the needs of being able to access your savings easily (allowing for times of crisis), whilst still getting a decent savings interest rate. Make your savings work for you!
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"Costingless.com... cutting costs, saving money in everyday life through advice, articles, tips and experience!"
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"Costingless.com... cutting costs, saving money in everyday life through advice, articles, tips and experience!"
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